Scarlett Johansson Outfit Looks

What were the details you focused on for eyes, lips and face?

I focused on giving a perfect shape to the eyes. The use of liner was minimum, used more mascara, fake lashes and highlighters. The lips were pouty, with volume and careful outline, using the gradience technique, shimmer and crystal embellishments. Face was kept translucent with illuminating and minimal make-up.

What were the products used? Scarlett Johansson

Illuminators, for the eyes and face. In summer, you have to be careful using emollients or oil-based products as they clog the pores. We opted for hydrating serums and water-based foundations and airbrush.

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Any specific technique you introduced to create these looks?

For a sculpted look, we used the Strobing technique for a dewy, shlmmery and youthful glow. Herein you enhance your natural facial features using only a highlighter in spots that catch light.

What was the colour palette you worked with? Scarlett Johansson

High-intensity colours like red with crystals, gold shimmer on the eyes and lips and purple ombré

lips were used to complement Nikhil’s garments that were in earthy tones like white, beige, black and jewel shades of deep green, red, blue and tangerine. The idea was to accentuate one feature with a striking colour, using elements of hue, shimmer, crystals and completed with dewy, iridescent skin for the ‘Illuminate’ look.

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