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Repeat the postures described in Steps 1,2 and 3 ofGolden Rooster Stands on One Leg (Left). Squatting Single Whip, ending by brushing open the left knee.

Pick up your left leg as your waist turns right then place your toes down as your waist turns back to the left. Your right hand comes round to the front, fingertips level with your right ear and your left hand rests by your left thigh.

Transfer all your weight into your left leg.The right hand hook opens and the hand descends, then comes up in front of your neck, where it forms a loose fist. At the same time, your left hand rises up to form a loose fist, and connects at the wrist inside your right hand. Move your right toes forward to touch the ground without any weight whatsoever. %

Pick up your left toes, turn your waist to the left corner and place the toes down empty of any weight. Scene haircuts for girls not teased Your right palm faces your inner left elbow. Your left hand is at the height of your left shoulder elbow relaxed.

Keep your weight in your left leg and . step back with your right foot, toes touching the ground first. Sink your weight into it and turn your waist to the right.The fists open and then move down by your right hip, with the wrists still connected.

Lift your left toes and swing your waist clockwise, pivoting on the ball of your right foot. Your arms swing to the right with the movement of your waist.

Drop your left foot and transfer all your weight into it straight away. Look closely at the photograph above to check how you should be standing.

When your arms and waist reach the front (the arms at shoulder height and shoulder width with the palms facing downwards), your right foot lifts up and circles clockwise.

After circling, your right leg comes to rest with the upper leg parallel to the ground and the foot comfortably relaxed. Your left leg is bent while the arms are still pointing ahead.

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