Scents for Men Homemade

The aromas most associated with the masculine are woody, spicy and fresh green scents. The essential oils that men are typically drawn to are bay, black pepper, cedarwood, fir, mint, rosemary, sage and sandalwood. Keep in mind that fruit and floral scents can be added in small quantities to produce a multitude of pleasing aromas.

The following shaving formulas provide excellent alternatives to commercial products available on the market. They are made without synthetic chemicals, and are much more gentle on the skin.

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I was happy. We were spending lots of time together as a family, exploring Auckland and eating out. I was baking and cooking a lot at home again, too. With this more relaxed, slower-paced lifestyle, my weight crept up again. Partly as a way to meet people in a new city, I had joined a netball team, but during a pre-season game I injured my knee. It was a bit of a wake-up call for me I was out of shape and unfit, and my body just wasn not capable of doing what my mind wanted it to. I ended up having to have keyhole surgery to tidy up a meniscus tear on my right knee. Around the same time, I was invited to my friend Ally Robb is wedding in Rarotonga, where I knew I would be hanging out with a bunch of young, beautiful, slim and trim pre-baby-body friends! Just like that, I had refocused on weight loss, with the sole purpose of looking good in a bikini. Using my trusty goal-setting mind, I visualised myself in that bikini, and set to work. This time, as well as hitting exercise hard, I got fully into ‘clean’ eating, focusing on unprocessed, real food.

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