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Hi everyone There are a lot of you have requested to make makeup to go to college So here it is Let’s get started Firstly I will use sunscreen so that our face is protected from UV Rays The sunscreen that I use today is from EMK Beverly Hillls The texture is light and the colour is transparent. So it will give no white cast on our face To make the makeup look natural I choose to use tinted cream from EMK Beverly Hills too This is suitable who don’t have much time of makeup because this is very easy to use The result is natural and also if it’s set by powder This makeup will last in a very long time It’s suitable for oily and dry skin Next I use Maybeline Age Rewind Concealer to cover my under eye A lot of you ask where I got it.

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So I bought this form Tokopedia Now I will lock my makeup using One Heek of a Blot from Soap & Glory Usually I don’t like to set it with compact powder But this powder is really soft And has no coverage so it didn’t make my face look cakey And also it make our makeup last longer After that I will draw my eyebrow as usual Everyone has different style when they are going to university There are some people using full face makeup and some not using makeup at all Which category are you? Please let me know in the comment section below For eyes I will use light brown eyeshadow Today’s makeup look is very simple and easy to follow.

Then I use shimmery white eye shadow on the front part of my eyes I always use this step because it make my eyes look more fresh and younger After that I also want to do tight line and draw eyeliner Because I ran out of my eyeliner so I will use pencil eyeliner instead After that curl my lashes and use mascara I really like this Fixer mascara from Etude House because it makes my lashes look thicker and longer Ok, it still look short :( Next is using blush Today I will use from Soap & Glory Love At First blush This colour is warm pink and very pigmented a little goes a long way And also there is some highlight on it so it will make our face look more glowy But because I want to make my face extra glow I will use highlighter from Loreal And I think if we use highlighter it will make our face look younger and look good on photo Today I want to show three choices of lipstick colour The first one is using lip tint And we double it with lipgloss I use Soap & Glory Pillow Pump If you just learned how to do makeup and want super natural look You can go with this lip colour Okay now I will add fake lashes because my lashes is too thin I use thin fake lashes so it won’t make my eyes tired even I use it for the whole day The next choice of lipstick is Jordan Matte Lip Cream The texture is almost the same with Kylie Lip kit.

So if you are in tight budget you can use this because the result is almost the same So this is the second choice For the last choice I use Rose Macaron colour Of course you can use other lipsticks that you like And now I want to show you how I do my daily hair I want to use heat protector first I bought this at Batam so I don’t know which online shops that sell it While waiting the Instyler become hot I don’t know what to do Dance in the style of Aiden Alright now I want to start from the bottom part of my hair first I just curl it like this This instyler is not too hot this make my hair is not easily become dry or damage And the result make my hair still soft And this is very easy to use But because of the curler is not too hot it will take more time And the hair is easier to loss After you curl it you can use hair spray so that it will last longer We also can use this when our hair is still moist so usually I also use this to dry my hair I really like to use this instyler why Because after I curl it the result is like I have blow my hair and I really like the result of my hair after blow Not so curly so it look effortless and natural This is the result love it Alright guys I hope this post helpful and don’t forget to give like Comment and comment to my blog See you next time.

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