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Hey everyone. I’m Abby from “Hairstyles.” And today I’m here with Kamri. Hi, guys. And we’re going to teach you guys have to do a Scissor Waterfall Combo. So I saw this technique a little while ago, and knew that I wanted to film it for you guys. Since then, I’ve seen pictures of it and a couple tutorials floating around the internet, and they’re all fantastic. But you guys keep tagging me and telling me that you want me to do it. So we’re going to mix it up a little bit, put it into a combo, and film it for you guys today. To begin this braid, I’m going to go ahead and pick up a piece of hair, basically from her ear to her part. So it’s a pretty good-sized piece of hair. And we’re going to divide that in half. And then you’re going to divide those pieces in half again. And you want it to be pretty much even.

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So just do your best to get them fairly even. You now have four. You have the top, two middles, and a bottom. We’re going to take those two middle pieces and we’re going to switch places. So you just cross them over, one over the other. And then you’re still going to hold. So now you still have your four pieces. And this is what I’m going to call top and bottom, and then my two middles. At this point, you want to bring the top into the center. So you just switch those two, and you’re going to bring your bottom into the center, as well. This is just how you start this braid. After this, it gets really easy. So you have, again you have your top and your bottom. And you have your two middle pieces. And at this point, you can combine your two middle pieces into one. And you have your top and bottom. And you want to bring that top piece over the two middle pieces and combine it with the bottom piece. So for right now, it’s one strand. And that is how you start. That little piece right there is how you start the braid. Now we’re going to pick up a piece of hair from the top. This is where the waterfall comes in. We’re going to take it right in between our two pieces and then drop it down. She’ll hang onto it. So we didn’t bring that into the braid at all. It literally just went through the hair. And we still have our two pieces. Now you’re going to take your middles again. Split them back into two. And take this piece that you still have combined, pop it in the middle, and then you’re going to take that top piece again, and wrap it over, and combine it with that bottom piece.

And that becomes your first stitch. So I’ll do it again, so you can see it. You’re going to take a piece of hair from the top, run it right down the middle of the two, and have her hang onto it. So we still have our two outside edge pieces, and our middles. Split the middles, take your outside pieces, put them in the center, and wrap those outside edges back together. And that’s your next stitch. And you’re just going to continue this pattern, repeating for as long as you like. Now, for me when I get to about halfway back on her head, I’m actually just going to take this, and just use those three pieces and run a couple stitches of a normal braid. Only just to hold this tight while I work with the other side. So we won’t really end up using this braid. This is purely just to hold the hair. And you can have her hold it, you can use an elastic, whatever you need to. You can go ahead and let go of those pieces. And you can see, when she lets go, that it drops the waterfall braid effect right there. You can even pull these apart a little bit, if you like to show the middle piece a little bit more, and highlight that, too.

Now I’m going to go back and do the other side. OK. When you have both of your pieces done, I’m going to teach you a trick. I’m just going to take the two ends and secure them with a little cheap, black elastic right here. Just even a couple times is fine. This just allows your hands to move freely, without anything loosening up from this part of the braid. Because we don’t want that coming loose. Now, just to be fun, we’re going to put it into a combo by turning this end into a fishtail. So I’m just going to split the one piece into two, to create two, and the inner fishtail. So I’ve completed the fishtail. And I went back and pancaked it, and just made it look kind of messy, and fun, and soft. And now the trick here is that you can take this elastic and just at least with mine you can use a pair of scissors, or you can just break it. And that’s going to relax that whole top section, too. So that it almost just looks like the braid goes right into the fishtail, which is kind of a fun look. So you can just soften that all up. And it’ll just go right in. OK, guys. Let’s see the final spin. So we have the braid into the fishtail.

And I want to show you on this side, I have pulled the loops apart a little bit. So you can see the lines coming through. It looks a little bit more like a ladder braid. And on this side I haven’t spread them out, so that looks more like a tight braid. So you can do either one. The only difference is just pulling those little loops apart. So whichever way you prefer, you can do. There’s lots of ways of playing with this hairdo. You can do a DIY version, like I did today on my hair, and just use it as an accent braid. Or anything you want, really. Let your imagination fly free with this one. I’d love to see your re-creations, so make sure to do hashtag so that I can see how you guys are playing with this same hairstyle. And be sure to follow us on Twitter. You can find us at. And we’ll see you guys next Sunday. Bye, you guys. Bye. OK. And when you have all your flips done, then I like to just go back and play with her hair, or do little curls. And so it’s soft and cute-looking. You can What? Stop. Hey. Hey now. Hey. Stop. I hit the camera. I need one. I could do a straw-stache.

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