Scott Wood Band UPSURGE

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Confident largely instrumental album, definitely not for listeners who don’t like Scottish folk music

UPSURGE is Scott Wood Band’s first release since a musical and personnel change. This should undoubtedly be avoided by listeners who don’t like Scottish folk music, however fans of that genre of music are sure to embrace the group. The five musicians are undoubtedly talented however the overall sound is not one that will be enjoyed by all potential listeners.

There are various points in the album where the bagpipe usage feels a little uncomfortable due to their distinctive sound, other instruments creating a more pleasurable listening experience. As aforementioned, it would be very hard to fault any of the musicians involved in this project however when the pace picks up in some of the tracks the slightly frenetic sound can lose the clarity slightly.

The strongest track on the album is, without doubt, Brookhall Bride. The opening whistle playing sets a really strong base for the track and its delicacy makes it a strong choice to close the album. It is very strong in its relative simplicity, feeling almost lullaby like.

Certainly an intriguing album but it doesn’t necessarily open the doors to new fans for the band. Kasey Stone

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