They fell in love on The Bachelor and have defied the show’s odds they’re heading toward their two-year anniversary and announced on Dec. 8 that they’re expecting their first child!

Still, Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici know that every marriage needs work. Sean and I really want the best for our relationship, and it’s important for us to constantly improve it, Catherine says. caught up with the reality TV veterans to find out what staying-power secrets they picked up in boot camp.

Why do this show?

Catherine: We contacted Trista and Ryan Sutter [another married Bachelor pair], who also did Boot Camp, just to get their opinion and see how their experience was, and they only sang the praises of Hi 1 [marriage counselors] Jim and IIL Elizabeth [Carroll] and how much it

Was it ever awkward to have to watch the other couples argue?

Sean: It was difficult for me only because the people we were in the house with were so loud and so aggressive, toward not only their mates but the other couples as well. So being around that was pretty hard.

Overall, did Boot Camp improve your relationship?

Catherine: There were a couple of tips that we learned to use in daily life, like making sure that we know how to communicate better. I think our relationship is the best that it’s ever been.

The next season of The Bachelor starts Jan. 4. Did you give any advice to star Ben Higgins?

Sean: Ben’s such a nice guy. I just told him, There’s nothing I can really tell you; just be yourself. He’s got a level head on his shoulders, and I know he’s going to do great.

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