Seasonal Beauty: Adjusting Your Routine With The Calendar

Spring is the time to:

Lighten up makeup colors: pink, beige, rosy brown, and apricot look pretty at this time of year; wear lighter textures of makeup as well go to a spa with your mother or a friend, or do an at-home spa day exfoliate from head to toe with a grainy scrub to shed your winter layer of skin (See salt-rub recipe, chapter 3.)

Clean out your makeup bag.

Get a great haircut not on impulse, but after careful consideration switch to a green scent or a simple, one-note floral get a pedicure.

Start smoothing your feet with a pumice stone in the shower begin an outdoor exercise routine walking, running, rollerblading, or biking.

Convert to a lighter foundation and moisturizer.

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Summer: For a lot of people, summer is their hands-down favorite time of the year. There's nice weather, vacations to look forward to, a slower pace, and lighter, more casual clothes to wear. Unfortunately, summer beauty is far from carefree. Heat and humidity can trigger skin-care nightmares like breakouts; rashes; tiny sweat pimples on your face, chest, and back; or extremely oily skin as well as makeup meltdown. Air-conditioning dries your skin and lips, so, despite the heat and humidity outside, you may have to moisturize your face and wear lip balm. Balancing your face's indoor needs with its outdoor needs is tricky.

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