Secret Celeb Beauty Weapons

Unaiza Moideen, founder and CEO of The Brow Bar, reveals how to brush up on your brow skills, and shares her secret beauty weapons.

With a sixth brow establishment under her belt, 33-year-old Unaiza Moideen recalls her humble beginnings: a kiosk with two chairs and a reel of cotton. Using the latest techniques – from temporary micro-blading (lasting for six weeks) and threading to lash extensions – her salons have raised her game to new heights. She shares her wisdom.

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KNOW YOUR BRAND You are the ambassador of your brand. Walk the walk and be known for your unique selling proposition.


• You don’t need a lot of capital to start your own business. Passion, ambition, drive and a vision are all you need.

• Streamline your business into one specialty to set yourself apart.

• Invest in yourself and acquire business management skills early in your career.

A DAY IN THE OFFICE At 9am, I tend to admin duties. My first micro-blading appointment is at 10am and this is when the magic happens until 4pm. During this time, I coach staff, check on my kids and manage the day-to-day running of the salon. By 6pm, I’m home and this is my time with my kids until they go to sleep. After 9pm, it’s ‘me time’, which I spend responding to emails, praying, meditating or pampering myself.


I splurge on high-quality products. I am a derma-quest junkie. Being an acne-sufferer, I have tried every single product you can think of and splurging is my recipe for good skin. My fail-safe products are conditioning growth serum, lip balm and foot cream. At the spa, pedicures are my favourite type of treatment. My feet carry me all day, so I believe a great pedicure blesses my soul and soles. I’m big on practicality over pampering. I swear by laser hair removal – or give me a wash and blow-dry and I will be your best friend! My top beauty travel tip is to get a Glutathione drip before a holiday, as it helps with jet lag and fatigue.

BROW-HOW Invest in a good technician. Don’t ‘over-fill’ your eyebrows. Work with your natural brow, don’t try to change its shape. If you have sparse and weak brows, invest in a good growth serum. Brush brows with a disposable mascara wand. Brush up in the front and sideways towards the end and tail of each brow. Know your arch. Ideally, eyebrow arches are neither extremely round nor very ‘V’ in shape.

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