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In the brand-new dram a set to air on the Crackle digital network, Dennis Quaid stars as charming, cold-blooded art collector Sam Brukner in this captivating series that dives into the deceptive depths of auction houses. Christian Cooke costars as hungry, cunning war vet Graha m Connor, who bargains his way to ascension within the discri minating art world, utilizing crooked connections m ade while smuggling antiquities as asoldier in Iraq. Thursday, Nov. 19, on Crackle (on Apple TV and Roku)

The Man In The High Castle

What if the Nazis won World War II? This Am azon web series examines the quandary of that dis mal possibility, in a riveting look at an alternate history based on Philip K. Dick’s 1962 award-winning novel. Alexa Davalos and Luke Kleintank star in this perilous plunge into a proxy world of three opposing sides I mperial Japan on the West, nazi Germ any ruling the East and a neutral rebel resistance in the middle determined to procure freedo m for all. Friday, Nov. 20, on amazon Prime

American Music Awards

Multifaceted talent Jennifer Lopez is sure to beguile the m asses when she hosts this all-star extravaganza, featuring duet perfor m ances by All About That Bass singer Meghan Trainor and Charlie Puth, Luke Bryan and Karen Fairchild (of Gram my-winning country group Little Big Town) plus a slew of music’s finest. This live, annual, world-renowned fan-voted favorite is gearing up to be one to watch. sunday, Nov. 22, at 8PM on ABc

TV Saints & Strangers

Vincent Kartheiser (mad men) stars as Saints leader William Bradford, and Ray Stevenson (Black sails) leads the Strangers in this revealing tale of the legendary mayflower journey and Am ericas colonization. Fraught with grit and heart and just in ti m e for the holiday this historical narrative explores the hidden story of adversity and struggle behind the first Thanksgiving. Sunday; Nov. 22, and Monday Nov. 23, at 9PM on National

TV The All-Star Dog

Rescue Celebration

Thanksgiving this year pro mises to be a barking good time, when Hilary Swank and Michael Levitt team up the Petfinder Foundation and a kennel full of celebrities to introduce rescue dogs, inspire widespread adoption and recognize those who co m mitthe mselves to caring for these beautiful ani m als. thursday, Nov. 26, at8Pm on Fox

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