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Hey guys, it’s Mi Anne and this is Beauty with Mi. We all know by now, I’m a beauty nerd and while I live for makeup and skin care, I’ll be honest: nail art is not my forte. Last fall I got the chance to get a Japanese acrylic manicure inspired by Sailor Moon which totally opened my eyes to how fun nail art could be. So, when I got the opportunity to visit CND Polish’s Fashion Week Nail Design Lab, I totally flipped.

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CND polish is the brand behind some of the weirdest Fashion Week nail trends like fur nails, dog inspired sets, it’s crazy guys. I’m going to get to tour the nail design lab and even get to make a few designs myself. Nail novice, no more. So first off, I met up with Jan Arnold, co-founder to CND to walk me through some of the nail looks. We are so excited about this season and we really saw some interesting things emerge for the nails like framework, fringe, and even geodes. I love that and it’s such three-dimensional texture too. Exactly. For Libertine Fall 2018, his inspiration was the nomadic gypsy, kind of this Romanian gypsy that knows how to up-cyle and recycle but then gilded and embellished. Another source of inspiration was Uzbekistani village women who do these amazing embroidered Suzannis. My favorite look was the shag carpet nail. It is the coolest nail look I’ve ever seen. On a base of acrylics, they’ll put a paste on the nail and use a metallic tool to create divots in the nail where they’re going to place the thread. Then they’ll cut little pieces of thread and knot them at the end and using tweezers, they’ll put little bits of thread in each of the divots they created. Once all the thread is placed, they’ll put little gel on it to secure it all and finish it off with a little bit of brushing to get it all fluffy. The shag carpet nail is born. It’s artistry at its very finest collaboration.

Now I know that those nails aren’t necessarily DIY friendly so I met up with Miss Pop who’s an amazing nail artist to show me how to do the nails from Jeremy Scott’s Autumn/Winter 2018 show. The show’s about this iconography, there was all this..Marilyn Monroe, Michael Jackson, all these stars so we felt we had to bring that sort of show biz glitz to the nail and do this fabulous DIY that you can totally get these nails at home. I’ll be honest, I was a little scared at first because the nails were beautiful and red with these amazing stars on it and I thought that there’s no way that I could do those myself. But it turns out, it’s really easy. All you have to do is get a piece of blue painter’s tape, cut a teeny tiny triangle in it, slap it on your nail, and paint gold over it. It’s really that easy. You’re making me so proud. I feel like I’m so scared. I think yours is technically better than mine. Once we were done creating our starry nails, Miss Pop created a nail look just for me. We incorporated two of my favorite trends: Negative space. And Blue and created this awesome blue spacey manicure. For those of you who don’t know, negative space is basically a technique using different tapes and tools to create spaces on the nail. So instead of going with a full on solid color, you have a few different colors that create different geometric shapes.

It’s really awesome. Any artists’ tape at the craft store, any painter’s’ tape, I wouldn’t get any bigger than an eighth of an inching depending on your nail. I think that’s probably the biggest. This is one sixteenth of an inch. So I’m going one hand at a time to make sure that the timing of my tape pull is right. So I’m doing one coat of each and then I’ll go back and do my second coat and then I’ll lift. Now I’m just gonna finish this top coat and you’ll be ready to go. The look is so spring and so you. I love it. I’m so glad you like it. Thank you! Okay, great. It was such an amazing experience seeing all the looks that CND puts together for Fashion Week and beyond. Not only was I inspired by all the different nail trends that I saw, but I learned a technique that I can actually do by myself and who doesn’t love that? Three things that I took away from all of this was that texture, powdery finishes, and 3D effects are super in for fall. What are your favorite nail looks and colors? Let me know in the comments below and I’ll see you next time on Beauty With Mi. Thank you so much for reading guys! click on comment button to comment to my blog and click on comment button to read more posts.

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