Seeds of love

Say thank you to your wedding guests by ensuring they forget you not!’ with these eco-friendly seed packets, personalised with your names and wedding date – they [ are perfect for slipping into envelopes when you send out your thank you cards!

The packets contain hundreds of forget-me-not seeds to grow flowers that symbolise faithfulness and enduring love. They are also perfect for giving as wedding favours. Price £1.40 each – minimum order of 10 seed packets,

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These were the better wives to have onboard: they organised games and quests and contests; they weaved a better social fabric through our lives, giving us more to do than just sit at the bar and drink and tell each other tales. They brought out the best in us. One of the fivers had his wife with him onboard. He had been on for a couple of months when she flew out and joined him in Singapore. He was a non-descript man, small in stature and personality: the sort that joined the conversation in with a low-level laugh, although was always an onlooker and not a participant. On the odd occasions I found myself talking with him, he didn’t have much to say; he just answered questions I asked, or acknowledged points I made, never adding to the stew of the conversation. His wife Tina arrived like a carnival hitting a sleepy town: she was a blast. She shrieked with laughter, she mocked everyone from the captain down – she mocked herself. She leapt on the bar-top and danced when loud music came on, and she told risque jokes. She had a degree, her father was a vicar, she spoke four languages, she was as sharp as a whip, and she could out-argue anyone with a tongue.

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