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Basic treatment room guidelines Selena Gomez

Whatever design you choose for your treatment rooms, make sure there is a continuity of style and colour, and the fabricc are easy to clean and maintain with a sense of order, harmony and comfort.

If the décor is too ‘busy’ and products look chaotic and disorganised, it will not allow the guest to have confidence in your service or relax. Selena Gomez

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The absolute minimum size for a treatment room that contains a therapy couch is 12’ by 14’ which, of course, does not include showers or foot rituals and additional relaxation areas. An in-room shower is essential to facilitate multi-purpose use with a washroom where possible, as wraps and other purification therapies require extra facilities for comfort and efficiency. In luxury spa suites, space is created for bathing, relaxation, dry floatation beds and other equipment, such as, Vichy Showers, Jacuzzis, Steam and Sauna for an all-round personalised experience that gives pre and post hydrotherapy and relaxation .

Therapists will need at least 2.5’ around the couch in order to work comfortably. Very small rooms are restrictive for multi-purpose use and hence, are not advised. Guests often feel cramped and unhappy about receiving expensive treatments in them unless it is a simple waxing or something along those lines.

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