Selena Gomez Braided Down Do – Back to School Down Dos

This week I’ll back with some back-to-school down dews instead of a fuse which I did last week. So I did five last week. So I thought I should do five again now this week I’ll not gonna be uploading every single day because that seems like overkill where it’s you know two weeks in a row. So I’ll gonna do every other day like I’ve been doing. So it’s gonna be Monday Wednesday Friday and then Monday and Wednesday of next week. So you guys can check back on those days for new content and then also on the days that I’ll not posting a post I’ll gonna go back through my old posts and pick my favorite one for that day and post it on Facebook Twitter and Pinterest. So if you’re interested in getting kind of an everyday recommendation from me you can follow me on those places and I will be posting them there hopefully you guys like that and um yeah let me know what you think about me doing that I might be able to keep that going as I go forward even if I’ll not just doing that back to school down dus thing. So anyway this style specifically was inspired by Selena Gomez I got it requested. So much from Facebook and Twitter and YouTube comments and everywhere.

Selena Gomez Braided Down Do – Back to School Down Dos Photo Gallery

So I thought I should do a tutorial on it I hope you guys like it and I’ll gonna have some more of these coming up on Wednesday and Friday and then Monday Wednesday. So make sure you’re checking back for those and I’ll out of breath. So I think I’ll gonna go ahead and roll the tutorial well I you’re gonna begin by separating out the hair that you do not want in the braid and you’re just gonna clip that out of the way. So that it doesn’t end up in the braid and then go ahead and Dutch braid incorporating only hair from the top until you get to the crown of your head in the back then you’re gonna go ahead and braid normally if you don’t know how to Dutch braid.

I do have a tutorial on that which I will link in the downbar as I always do. So that you guys can check that out if you need to now basically you’re gonna braid with a medium level of tension here you don’t want it too tight but you really don’t want it loose either because then will kind of flop around and not really look true to the original style then braid the rest normally and once you’ve got that all braided you’re gonna go ahead and loosen it up and that’s gonna make it look much more voluminous and like you have more hair. So it’s a nice trick for if you have fine or thin hair because it can kind of look a little bit smaller and then you’re gonna go ahead and repeat it on the other side. So separate out the hair that you don’t want and then braid backward separating out that hair and make sure that you get a nice clean line it also helps to hide any thinness that you might have around your hairline like I do because you can tuck you can choose which hair separated in which hair is not.

So once you’ve got all that braid done go ahead and secure it with a clip or a band and then we’re gonna go ahead and work on pinning the back once you’ve got that all loosened up again this gives a much more voluminous look and a much more kind of easy look to the hairstyle you’re gonna take that left braid and uh lay it across the top and just take a nice pin in the middle of it or pin it nicely in the middle I mean and then take that right braid and pull it over a couple inches and pin it up into that first braid then you can take the clip out and unravel the braid and that bobby pin will hold it in place finally you’re gonna go ahead and tuck this left braid through the right braid and. So you’ve got all of that braid through and then you’re just going to go ahead and unravel the braid it will stay nicely and it looks really cool you got this kind of crisscross applesauce effect going on in the back where you can’t really see where one braid ends and the other one ends and it kind of looks really cool. So I like that effect I like how you can kind of trick the eye by tucking that one braid in. So here are some more posts to check out if you want to you’ve got your back to school up Tuesday and my five minutes to cute hair those are both playlists. So you can check out those ten hairstyles or I have a picture-perfect day here just in case you want that that’s it guys I’ll see you my next post bye.

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