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Think of beautiful hair and the image of long, luscious tresses immediately comes to the mind! We, Indian women, love to wear our hair long, but dread the maintenance and care that goes along with it. While it feels good to flaunt long hair, by the end of the day our hair often becomes dry and tangled, and we realise that, when it comes to long hair, all the three sections – the scalp, the mid-lengths and the ends need attention and nurturing. MATRIX, the world’s leading American professional brand, offers a specific and professional solution that caters to every section of long hair with the professional specialist hair service and care range, Opti.Long Nourish Protect.

About Opti.Long Nourish Protect Selena Gomez

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The new Opti.Long Nourish Protect is here to solve all long hair concerns and offers up to 98 per cent more nourishment* for your long hair. The all-new unique Growth Booster Service from Opti.Long Nourish Protect is an innovative in-salon service that prolongs the growth of hair with necessary nourishment and protection. The home care range from Opti.Long Nourish Protect provides continued care for long hair. Fortified with Ceramide, Opti.Long works with three specific targeted actions to address three unique needs of long hair, which are: Selena Gomez

Cleanse the scalp: Remove excess grease from the oily zone of the scalp and rebalance the remaining zones to give a healthy, rebalanced scalp. Strengthen and nourish the midlengths: Provide nourishment and strengthen the midlength of hair. It also protects from external aggressors to give smooth, shiny and tangle-free hair. Re-nourish and protect the ends: Helps in Fre-nourishing rough ends and protects from future split-end damage to give healthy and nourished ends.

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