September Favorites Hits and Misses

Hi everybody this post is going to be on a few products that I’ve been loving in September and also a few products that didn’t work out for me.

So I’m going to start off with lip products this lipstick over here is L’Oreal’s lipstick and Ferris nude. And I absolutely love this color. Because it’s a really pretty pinky nude color it looks dark in the two. But when you apply it it’s actually a really pretty pinky nude color like this, and its really light I really like this, lipstick on my list. Because it really suits my complexion another lipstick I’ve been loving is this Rimmel lipstick in spot light beige and it’s a really pretty color that looks like this, it’s definitely on my lips. But better color. But it does have a bit of coral to it and sometimes when I word I find that it does look a bit more ingenious ting lipstick it also has no shimmers in it which I really like is just a cream lipstick and it’s quite moisturizing i’m just going to swatch it as well.

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So this color right here is spot light beige and this is the EOS lip balm in lemon drop. And I really like this. Because I find that it’s more moisturizing than the original ones i own and it has this really really yummy lemon scented reminds me of lemonade in the summer time this is what it smells like smells really good and i really like this, too it also has SPF 15 and this one I really love this is revlon’s super lustrous lip gloss and nude luster and, if you own a pasty nude lip color that really makes you look dead then this lip gloss could transform it into a wearable lip color. Because it has little sparkly shimmers in it that our peach salt makes the lipstick look like a peachy nude. So I really like this, and this I actually used all the time for almost a year now. But I never mentioned in any of my posts it’s the wet and wild ultimate frog kit and ash brown and this is my second one it comes with two colors a really dark brown and light ash brown and a wax and the wax is good for people who have hard to manage browse it will tame it down and this color right here is actually quite black. So I think people look black hair to brunette hair can use this in the next item is my Revlon’s Colorstay eyeliner in black.

And I like this. Because its retractable. So you don’t have to keep sharpening it and it really does stay put on my tight line and water line all day long and it doesn’t smudge on me at all and another favorite of mine is this nail polish right here by Rimmel is the lasting finish pro in steel gray. And I really like this, it’s a really pretty color it looks like that. So if you’re into these type of nail polishes do check this out I really like this, nail polish. But the thing is the brush is really fat and it does take practice to use. Because the first time I use this it was really messy.

But after that I got the hang of it. So the brush looks like that it’s flat it’s not like a typical round brush and two other nail polishes that I really loved are actually almost the same color they’re just different finishes this is opie eyes lincoln park at the dark all my nails it does look a bit black. But upon closer inspection is actually a pretty dark plum color it has no shimmers in it and it’s just a mad color it’s really nice for fall another nail polish I really like is china glaze and this one is called midnight ride it’s almost the same as OPI is linkin park at the dark except this one has really pretty sparkle shimmer. So it can’t really tell right now. But this one is shimmery and this has no shimmer. So i really like these two colors and since the weather is getting cold I have to like take extra cows my hair. So what.

I’m using right now is my terex conditioner and this is what it is is the cream ultra moisturizing daily conditioner and you can purchase this at Sephora or, if you don’t have as a foreigner you i’ll put a link where you can purchase it online. And I really like this, the only thing i don’t like about this product is that it has a smell that’s not particularly wheezing. But it does go away after you rinse it off and everything and this is just a really deep conditioning moisturizer you can see a bit on here it’s pretty thick and it’s opaque and what I do is I leave it on my hair for five minutes in the shower and then I rinse it off and lastly is my old a daily facial white what it is is just a class like this, and then you put some water on it it will foam up and what you do is you just wipe your face off with this end it’s pretty grainy too. So it actually exfoliates your face as well. So it’s kind of like a two-in-one. And I really like it. Because it’s really working out for me and it doesn’t break me out.

So now that I showed you my favorites. I’m gonna tell you a few products that didn’t work out for me this month and the first thing is this this is the Loreal infallible lip color in number 100 I think it’s pronounced Azalea i’m not sure. But it’s the lightest color in their range and it’s a pretty pretty pink color and looks like this, just gonna swatch it. So this is the color right here and it has silver shimmers in it i really like the color and everything. But i did not like the formula for this i think this will work better, if you didn’t have a lot of wrinkles in your lip. Because my lips are really wrinkly there’s a lot of lines and the product just settles into the lines and it doesn’t really dry up properly. Because what this is supposed to do is almost like a lip paint you put it on your lip let it dry completely and then on the other side there is a lip balm and you apply this on top of it after it dries just to keep it moisturized.

But it didn’t work out for me. Because my lips are just really wrinkly. So it just all kicked up in it everything settle into the fine lines and it wasn’t pretty and on top of that this product was extremely hard to remove I just didn’t like the consistency. But I thought the concept of it was really cool i actually purchased this. Because last month a bunch of the Guru’s were promoting this for Loria oh and it looked promising. But unfortunately it didn’t work out for me. So I wish it did.

Because I really like this, color another product that work out for me is this lipstick by Rimmel it’s called pink star and it looks like this, it’s just a really pretty pink color and i swatched it on my hand. And I thought it looks really good there’s the color right here it’s really a blue pink color. But the thing is I didn’t realize how much shimmer it has it has a ton of shimmer probably half the product is all shimmer silver shimmer. So when I apply it it just doesn’t look good. Because it clashes with my skin tone. Because of all the silver in it. But as you can see on my skin it does look nice which is why I bought it cuz my swash did it was a really nice color.

But all my lips just didn’t work out at all. So really that’s it for my missus um I hope you guys enjoy this post. And I’ll talk to you soon.

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