September Makeup & Beauty Favorites

Hey Everyone can leave here with my sep tember favorites I can’t believe it’s time for September favorites already that means the next monThis October which means it is time for how loving tutorials now I’ve already been talking to you guys on Twitter and Facebook and I have a pretty good idea of what I’ll gonna do as far as halloween tutorials because a lot of you guys told me on there what you guys are dressing up as but if you want to go ahead and comment below and tell me what you’re dressing up as for Halloween this year or what you want to see a tutorial on for Halloween this year because I am still kind of finalizing what I’ll doing this month for halloween hair tutorials anyway aside from that let’s go ahead and move on to my favorites starting off in the makeup category first of all I have this Real Techniques expert face brush you guys have probably heard about this already if you watch other people on YouTube it’s very well loved because it’s very good mine’s a wee bit dirty but that’s because.

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I’ve been using it all the time it combines the great qualities of a paddle brush and it buffing brush together. So that you can use it either in kind of a wiping motion like you would do with the paddle brush or a buffing motion. So that you can get whatever application you are looking for. So I usually use it around my under eyes I will Pat and then kind of blend a little bit this way and then around my cheeks where I want a little bit of sheer coverage I’ll do this buffing motion and it’s perfect I love it I’ve been reaching for it over my Sigma X brushes which I’ve been in love with for years which means that this one has really just taken a place in my heart because it takes a lot to usurp my Sigma X freshers. So if you’re looking for a good budget friendly brush definitely check this one out because it’s really awesome for my next favorite I have rediscovered the Maybelline Dream Louie concealer I used this. So much when I first got it was one of my favorite things I think I’ve gone through two or three of these and you can tell I only have a little bit of product left up here what I found about it is that I just forgot how amazingly pigmented but still do e it is it looks really beautiful on the skin it looks very natural but it still has a lot of pigmentation to it. So it’s great for under the eye or if you like a more dewy natural skin finish like I do around anywhere else on your face it gets a lot better than the rim will wake me up concealer honestly partially because it homes in a bigger shade range. So it would be more applicable for more people but also because it’s more pigmented and it actually stays a little bit better throughout the day. So I am a huge huge fan of this one again my next favorite is from flower beauty and it is the shine on lip gloss and I believe the color is called baby’s breath it is on the packaging before you take it off and then once you take it off the name is gone but on the bottom it says LG to it helps you out at all but it’s just this beautiful light pink color and it goes with. So many things I honestly.

I find myself chopping off every single thing that I have on my lips with this. So I’ll wearing it today over a lip liner and I just absolutely love it’s. So nice and natural and just a nice pretty light pink color and what I really liked it for is because I’ll a little bit more fair sometimes lipsticks turn out a little bit too dark on me I feel like I kind of have to tone them down and This the perfect thing to turn them down with additionally the formulation of This just beautiful it’s kind of a gel consistency it’s not extremely sticky but it does adhere well to your lips and it doesn’t come off easily. So it’s kind of the best of all possible worlds and lip gloss and I really love it all right now moving on to hear my first hair favorite is this one and only argan oil hair spray and it’s supposed to be a strong hold hairspray it has argan oil in it and it’s actually really good I really like it I’ve been using it a lot of this month because my poor sexy hair soy touchable hairspray met an untimely death in the salon what had happened was we’re gonna go on storytime here for a second here what happened was it was my first day in the salon. So This months ago okay first day in the salon I had enough to you coming in for prom. So I was going to use that one on her and I was you know in the midst of doing her up to you I was using that hairspray and I went to put it down on my little cart that I was like putting things on and it fell off fell on the floor the top like right here um got moved weird. So it started just spraying without anybody putting pressure on it. So like I immediately pick it up and I’ll like starting to try to move it around and get it. So the stuff the thing will stop spraying and this whole thing just pops off and it becomes a hairspray fountain and I was like great great now what do I do. So I like cut and over it mind you it’s still spraying. So I have a hairspray just like dripping from my hand and I ran for the door and right outside and put it down and my the rest of my soy touchable hairspray from sexy hair just continued to fountain out and help to single-handedly destroy the ozone layer and I was like great great. So that happened and I am without my beloved. So I touchable argan oil hair spray.

So I started using this one because I had this one in my little a hair styling kit and. So I decided to try this one because it’s also an argan oil hair spray and it’s really good says that its stronghold I think it’s more of a light hold honestly which I know is like night and day but it’s an amazing light hold hairspray because it does just it goes on you don’t really feel it and it does a good job of holding down like flyways on and just kind of like being that little like invisible layer of hair spray like when you just want to touch of hairspray you don’t need one that’s going to be working really hard you don’t need your hair to stay like all night or anything you just want like a little touch this one’s been really good. So I’ve been just using this to kind of finish off and polish off my styles on whenever I’ll styling my hair because it just does a good job of kind of stealing everything and finishing it off without making it crispy or crunchy or anything like that favorite if you can’t tell from the last two weeks of my posts has been ponytails I’ve been loving ponytails and I don’t know what it was I think I just had some kind of Epiphany where I realized that ponytails can be really pretty if you just take the time to really like style the front and then do what you can to make sure that the back has like a nice perkiness to its nice volume to it ponytails are a really beautiful style and they just like I literally never thought about it that way I never thought about like oh yeah ponytails are pretty I should wear them I just I don’t know they were gonna like the ugly shirt that was thrown in the back of my closet for a long time and that I realized that it was actually really pretty good I love them in. So I’ve been wearing ponytails all the time I’ll not her favorite are these little clippies and you guys saw these in my on tips to get a perky ponytail post because they’re.

So handy dandy for that they help too your ponytail look more voluminous and perky and perfect and that’s great they are also good for if you’re kind of on the go and moving around really quickly and you don’t want us with bobby pins because they hold things really well and they’re easy to use and store in your purse or anything like that oh and I actually do have a tutorial that I did probably a year year and a half ago with a different hairstyles that you can do with just these and they’re like really fast like three minute hairstyles. So I’ll link that in the description box cuz I’ve been pointing out some of those hairstyles as well I’ll using these when.

I was in doing ponytails and you’re just really handy if you guys hate bobby pins you should get some of these and some snap clips and you will be set okay. So I have my final favorite and this one is a little bit personal and if you guys feel awkward you can just exhale because This the last thing I’ll going to talk about but I’ll not really going to go into detail but let’s just say that I need these sometimes there are little heat pads that help during a certain time of the month when you have a little bit more cramping or anything like that and what happens to me is that I will have a day or two where I basically am in. So much pain that I need to be balled up in bed all day long however I’ll an adult and I don’t have time to do that anymore like I did when I was a teenager. So I needed a solution and these are actually really great for that because basically they’re kind of a strip with lots of little hot pads on them and you pull the backing of this thing off and it’s sticky and you can adhere that to the inside of your clothing or your undergarments and then move around throughout the day and you have that heat pad on and I even when that was like skinny jeans you cannot see it at all I don’t recommend skinny jeans during that time it was a terrible idea but it’s possible if you want to.

I’ll put that on and then actually take some pain meds and between those two things I go from like having to stay in bed curled up in a ball all day to being able to actually get up and go to work or do whatever I need to do because you don’t always have the option just to stay in bed. So these are really great because you can put them on and nobody knows that you’re wearing them and it makes everything. So much better and. So if any of you guys struggle with that or need anything like that they’re out there and I found mine at like grocery stores I’ve got the mud drug stores are all over the place and it’s about eight dollars and it’s every box comes with three in them um which is it’s actually a good deal for me because they usually only use one hour months. So it’s not too bad but yeah I just I didn’t know they existed until like january and I’ve been using them basically every month since then and I feel like every girl that needs them should know that they exist. So I wanted to mention it even though it’s a little awkward. So hopefully that was a team I for you guys but it is just in case I just wanted to put it out there just in case it could help anybody that’s it for my September favorites make sure to tell me at least one or two of your favorites in the comments below I would love to hear about them and I’ll see you guys in my next post Bye.

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