Serenas Bombshell Waves in Minutes

Hey Everyone Abbey here. So let me acknowledge the obvious I have two different hairstyles going on either side of my head and the reason for that is that today we’re doing Serena’s hairstyle from Gossip Girl and I wanted to do her kind of everyday voluminous slightly waved hair and I was looking through screenshots and I realized that her hair is never really completely the same like it’s got the same kind of general feel to it but it’s never totally the same. So I wanted to make a post that would teach you basically the techniques to do any of the kind of variations of her hair style that you like these are the time the two extremes if you will This the one that’s like more curls and ladylike it’s got a little bit of obvious organization to it if you will cuz we’ve got the little curls and they all kind of start in the same area blah blah blah and then on this side we’re a lot more like hippy kind of haphazard looking at it’s a lot more beachy we’ve got the little.

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S waves going on throughout the hair and that kind of thing and I know that some people like it even straighter than this if you wanted even straighter than this you just have to let the curls fall a little bit you can even like pull on them a little bit. So loosen them out use a lower heat setting on your curling iron use bigger sections of hair when you curl and you can get it even straighter than this if you want and I gave you guys bunches of tips I know that everybody has different kinds of curling irons at home I think I gave tips for all the different kinds of curling irons. So yeah everybody can use this tutorial and yeah I think that’s it. So tell me in the comments which one do you like better do you like the girly side or do you like the hippy side I cannot decide I think it honestly depends on the outfit I’ll wearing but anyway I really do I like this idea I like the idea of giving you guys a lot of different options I hope you guys like it too and I will see you in my next tutorial in which I’ll doing the most requested updo of all time for Serena and I’ll really excited to finally be doing it okay that’s it see you later Wow okay I started out with some volumizing mousse and my hair to add some volume and hold and then I have the heat protectant to protect my hair from all the Hot Tools now you can either use a curling iron or a waver and if you have a curling iron without a clip or a tapered one that’s fine too and you basically have three techniques you can use you can just curl with the clip on a curling iron like. So or you can wrap the hair around the curling iron whether it has a clip or not and whether it’s tapered or not or you can use some kind of waiver which would be the third and it looks like the one.

I have looks like this and you kind of figure eight around the two prongs and I know there’s other ones where you kind of have a clip on it as well you just figure eight around that and then hold it in place and let it go and you get these really deep waves. So these are kind of the three different things you can do we have the kind of defined curl when you use the clip we have the really loose wave right there and then obviously the tight waves for the waiver now for option number one the first thing we’re gonna do is split the hair in half This just gonna help us to curl everything but because we’re only incredible splitting it in half it’s gonna help assist I’ll be pretty rough for the first layer we’re just gonna wrap the hair around your barrel. So whether you have a iron with a clip on it or not you’re just gonna go ahead and wrap it around little one-inch sections of hair and that’s it. So far and then you’re gonna go ahead and let the top down and for this one you’re actually going to use the clip if your curling iron has the clip and while you do it you’re gonna pull the hair up. So that you can kind of get a little bit more volume on top if your iron doesn’t have a clip then what you’re going to do is you’re going to kind of make sure that you position your iron really close to the roots.

So you can still get that curl up at the top once you’re done shake it all out to kind of make it look a little bit more natural and if you need any more volume or shape just take really little sections and curl them then I’ll just add a little bit to the style then give it a good spray and shake it out again and if you want it to be a little bit more matte you can also add some surf product This FX styling products and you just warm up about a dime-size amount between your fingers and then scrunch it through your hair and that is gonna help the hair to kind of stick a little bit. So that it kind of becomes more voluminous and also kind of mattifies the hair but. So it looks a little bit more surf II another thing you can do is to backcomb with your fingers and because you have the stickiness of the products there it’s gonna help the hair to kind of stick in a really messy and still voluminous way now if your iron doesn’t have a clip you’re gonna go ahead and do the sort product through your hair before you start curling it but that’s only if your honor– doesn’t have a clip on it. So for option number two you’re gonna split your hair in half again and This the one with like deeper waves and. So you’re going to use your waver on the bottom half and obviously this one you do the figure eight and if you have a deep or a traditional waver then you can just you know how to use it just use it throughout the whole layer of hair or if you only have a curling iron if you have a small barrel curling iron you can still just wrap the hair around the curling iron and you’ll still get these kind of deeper waves that way just by wrapping it around without using the clip now I actually had to use this little glove it came with the iron cuz I print myself. So I kind of recommend using the glove it was a good idea this one is by Conair I’ll leave the info in the downbar I was actually really impressed with it but I’ll have a post coming up soon on it then for the top layer what I did was I wrapped the hair around the waver and it kind of created these cool oval waves or curls and. So it wasn’t. So tight of a wave now if you don’t have that option with your iron I would say just use bigger sections of hair and then you’ll still get a kind of looser wave on top then shake the hair out and again you can backcomb and because our product is already there it’s gonna help the hair to kind of stick a little bit and that’s it you’re done.

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