Older skin benefits from the use of serums, which contain targeted ingredients to help tone and lift the skin. These products can penetrate the epidermis in a deeper way than moisturizers because they have a smaller molecular structure.


It all sounded pretty fair to us. I was put on the twelve-to-four watch with the second mate, who I found to be a loud and friendly man. He seemed quite old to me, perhaps 26 or 27. On the first watch he told me to call him by his first name, Joey, unless the mate was in earshot, in which case I should call him ‘Second Mate’ or ‘sir’. I liked Joey, at first. He told entertaining tales of his time in general cargo ships; of all the weeks he had in port; of all the places he had been to; of all the adventures he had had; of the hundreds of women he had slept with. As time went by though, I grew to distrust him and then dislike him. One minute he would be happily chatting away, then the next he would suddenly stop and start screaming at me, calling me an imbecile and ordering me to go and do some foul task. Later he would sidle up and say: Sorry, Simon; the mate was watching. You know how it is Often the mate or the captain was watching, but I still didn’t see any call for such a change.

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