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With so much battering from within and without, it may seem a wonder that we are not all permanently ill. Shadow fade haircut mohawk Of course, many people are. Although many of the acute infectious diseases of the past have ceased to be a serious problem, their places have now been taken by today’s chronic diseases. Never has there been so much cancer and heart disease, eczema and asthma, or even digestive problems such as irritable bowels. Our immune systems are overstretched in combating these problems.

The Immune System

It is all too easy to ignore the incredible adaptability and intelligence of the immune system, which appears to make heroic efforts to keep us up and running despite considerable adversity. One writer shrewdly called this intelligence the “vital force”. He described it as “the spirit-like force which rules in supreme sovereignty”. It has also been well described as “the invisible driver”, overseeing the checks and balances that are needed to keep us in the best possible health.

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