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Welcome back to my blog, I’m Kerry. And this is my daughter Gracie hi everyone this blog is all about learning new.

And different hairstyles. So if this is your first time here we would love for you to comment we’re now in the month of March at st. Patrick’s things come right around the corner.

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So today’s hairstyle we’re going to show you a cool brief clover. So let’s get started, I started by cutting her hair in a high ponytail. And what you’re going to do is section this off into three equal parts okay.

So now what, I’m going to do is, I’m going to go ahead. And put some gel in your hair for better grip. And to tame her flyaways now if you want to know what kind of gel, I use, I’ll leave a link in the description box below ok.

So now, I’m going to go ahead. And put elastic bands in her hair on these three sections okay. So now, I have her hair.

And off. And three equal parts. And I put her hair in elastic bands about an inch away from the base of her ponytail, I’m going to go ahead on the top of her ponytail this one here.

And split in the middle, I’m going to twist towards her face. And then just going to go ahead. And combine them together that will make the shape of a heart can you just hold that yeah okay, I’m gonna do the same thing with these two okay.

So now that, I have it all twisted, I’m gonna go ahead. And form my hearts. And then, I’m gonna go ahead.

And put bobby pins behind this right behind the elastic band. And put it behind her hair just like that okay do the same thing over here. And.

So now, I’m gonna go ahead. And grab all three ponytails making sure that wall are matching. And they’re aligning together then, I’m going to go.

And take a hair tie. And tire the whole entire ponytail together okay. So now, I’m gonna go ahead.

And just loosen up a little bit then, I’m just gonna go ahead. And take another bobby pin. And go right behind this hair tie.

And then just connect it into the ponytail the other ponytail. And, I’m just going to go ahead. And hide this with some ribbons.

So whatever color you want since it’s st. Patrick’s Day coming up, I’m going to use green, I put it right in between another hair tie. And wrap it just to hide the elastic band one more time.

And tie it. And make them look like streamers ponytail. And if you have any other straggling lots of bands like these here you can take them off or you can be even back in if it’s not, I’m showing you just don’t leave it in because it’s not really showing a little hairspray.

And there you have it thank you. So much for reading let us know what you think about this style in the comments below we would love to hear from you don’t forget to check out our latest tutorials over there please give us a thumbs up. And click the two hearts below.

So you don’t miss any of our upcoming tutorials love you guys until next time learn it do it. And teach you to of it bye guys bye.

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