Shangela Opens Up About Her Role In A Star Is Born

Halleloo bitches we are here with the one the only shangela yes halle-loo Hey look at that Oh wonderful you know I’m out here in New York last couple days promoting the post a star is born, and it’s just, it’s like a dream come true. Yeah you were hand-picked by Lady Gaga herself to be a part of this tell us how that came about well just to hear that when people will talk about that, it’s like wow, it’s amazing. Yeah yeah, and to know that. But originally the casting went out for a Marilyn Monroe drag impersonator okay man you know me I’m like honey no matter how much time. I spend out of the Sun I ain’t looking spot-on like Marilyn Monroe go in for the audition cuz I would love to be a part of the project. But I didn’t feel like that role. I was gonna you know be fearful. So a little time went by, and I got an email from Lady Gaga’s camp, and they were they said you know LG that’s Lady gaga you didn’t come in for the audition, and she really wanted to see you for this role is there a reason you didn’t come in she really wants you to come in for this role, and honey if LG asks I reply go get your heart sing. Oh my gosh I was like I had to step away from my computer screen for a second like okay somebody’s pranking me yeah. But no it was real and. So I found the nearest blonde wig white dress drew me a little Buddha mo honey, and I went in there, and did the audition for sure, and turns out I didn’t get the Marilyn Monroe Dragon Tattoo role. But they said they loved my audition. So much the casting that they offered me a different role that actually had dialogue it wasn’t the just the lip-synch no way if they wanted to do a dialogue, and they worked on it, and gave me the drive bar owner emcee halle-loo. So how was life on set with gaga Bradley Cooper were you nervous showing up no I didn’t I wasn’t nervous. Yeah I was I just felt a great obligation to do a good job. But when I got there Bradley Cooper as a director it made me feel even more comfortable right you know he was. So into it he knew exactly what was going on he knew what he wanted yeah. But he also gave us the opportunity to expand right, and to play, and take it really authentic, and real it was already great writing. But he was like you know what change that you go for it. Yeah I need to pull you back up we all right honey that was greenlight for me did he end up pulling you back oh if he grabbed me by my shoulder honey I would love it. But no he did not what was his energy this is his directorial debut he must have been nervous on set in some way he would never know no pro croquet trust me Pro you know to the point where, it’s amazing to read him go from being an actor in front of the camera uh-huh cut, and then go around, and being the director, and giving you no tips, and advise directing leading this yeah, and he was. So great, and hitting the chemistry between him, and Lady Gaga I was like trailer. Yeah you can tell I think you’re beautiful you also looked incredible at the London premiere you showed up tell us the inspiration behind that look in London well I loved it you know. Because I’m on tour I didn’t even have a chance to do a fitting. But Diego Montoya who is a great designers worth a lot of the Queen’s based in New York did the gown for me with my measurements just via email yeah, and sent the gown to my mom in Dallas who brought it over with her to London he came with it yes she did who most like Meghan Marcos mom with a dress and. So my mom brought the dress put it on it fit like a glove I was. So thankful had the big Diana Ross man here maybe actually Iman, and I just win there the jewelry was done it was lovely I was. So happy with the way it was God got jealous about how amazing you loved oh honey let me take Queens thank you. But she was. So sweet to me when I saw her first of all she looked like a Shakespearean goddess huh with that look, and when she saw me on the carpet you know she’s holding the skirt as she’s walking she saw me she goes she just mailed this she goes work it the gratification you need you.

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