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Rosemary and Tea Tree oil treatment for hair growth

Rosemary oil accelerates the growth of hair by stimulating the circulation of blood to your scalp. Mix it with tea tree oil to make a hair tonic.


Rosemary oil – 4-5 drops

Tea Tree oil – 2 tablespoons


Mix tea tree oil with Rosemary oil and massage gently onto your scalp and hair. Leave it on for 30 minutes and cover your head with a hot towel. Wash off your hair with mild shampoo and fresh water. Apply this oil mixture once in a week to get well- nourished hair.

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You should have access to toiletries and personal items provided by the beauty spa, but ask in advance whether you should bring anything with you, if a body treatment is on your schedule. Also, after your treatment, drink some water or fruit juice to restore the liquid in your body and avoid the deydration that a thermal wrap might cause. Summary Body treatments are designed to deliver many of the same therapeutic advantages as a facial, though they are a very different experience. Because the entire body is treated, wrapped, and smoothed and refreshed afterward, a body wrap can be among the most therapeutic and stimulating of all beauty spa services. Different beauty spas will use various products during the treatment, but the steps are generally the same everywhere. Body treatments include scrubs, masks, and wraps, and are often accompanied by massage. If the same precautions are taken that you would take with a facial, with respect to sensitivities to certain products and the additional aspect of having your body fully enclosed in the wrap, body treatments can beboth relaxing and exhilaratiing. If you find the feeling of being enclosed when you are in the wrap disturbing, you should discuss that with the therapist and make a decision about whether the service will be right for you. If so, it will result in smoother skin and a lighter feeling of being toned and rejuvenated. Taking advantage of the consultation with the therapist, who will deliver the treatment, to understand what happens during the treatment and how it affects both your skin and your internal body systems, and to make sure you are comfortable with the procedure, should result in a memorable and beneficial experience.

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