Sheer Lipsticks

An easy way to wear color. A transparent stain.

Shimmer or Frost Lipstick I prefer shimmer (which has less mica pigments that cause the reflected effect) over frost (which has more mica pigments and is much drier).

Gloss: This is a useful option to have in your lipstick wardrobe, although it seems to go in and out of style rather frequently. Gloss is often a teenager’s first form of lip color, but it can also be very flattering on an older woman’s face because it draws light to the face and creates the appearance of fuller lips. It’s usually sold in a small pot and smoothed on with the fingers.

Long-Wear Up Coloi These are newer lipsticks that promise to last as long as eight or twelve hours. As of yet I have not seen a long-lasting formula I really like: They tend to be very dry and unnatural-looking. I happen to like the look of lipstick that fades over the course of a few hours to a really pretty stain. And I don’t know a man who really likes to kiss a woman wearing lipstick. Lipstick isn’t meant to last forever!

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