Short haircuts in a bob

PAPER STAR DECORATION THIS ONE WILL KEEP THE CHILDREN AMUSED FOR AN AFTERNOON – A GREAT USE FOR OLD BOOKS OR MAGAZINES Template An old book or magazine Scissors Glue Ribbon – Downloadandprint the template from Use it to cut out at least eight stars from the pages of an old book. Fold each star in half and crease. Open up the stars, then place some glue along the fold line and glue four stars together (giving you two sets of stars). Cut a length of ribbon that’s long e nough to hang the decoration so the ribbon falls below the star by about 10cm. Glue the ribbon to the back of one star pile, then glue the second star pile to the other side of the ribbon. STAR WREATH NO NEED TO BUY ONE – THIS IS A LOVELY WAY TO DECORATE YOUR FRONT DOOR Star paper punch or scissors Selection of wrapping paper Polystyrene wreath Glue Ribbon Punch out paper stars from two or three styles of wrapping paper. If you don’t have a punch, make a stack of a few pages, trace a star on the first one, then hold them firmly together and cut them out. 2 Start by covering the whole wreath with stars, stickingthem down completely until no polystyrene shows. If you’re short on time, just cover the wreath with paper. Finish off the wreath by adding more stars to the top layer – leaving the edges unstuck and overlapping. 4Glue a bow to the bottom. You can add ribbon to the back, too, for hanging.

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