Short blunt haircuts with bangs


Move your right arm forwards and diagonally downwards with your body, then vertically downwards.The arm remains in line with your right leg, and all your weight remains in your right leg.

Your weight remains in your right leg and both hands assume a ward-off position.Take a shoulder-width step with the left foot. Shift your weight 70% into your left leg and turn your hands outwards, the left hand by your chest, the right guarding your temple.

Turn your waist to the right and sink all your weight back into your right leg, Short blunt haircuts with bangs bringing your left toes round. Bring your left hand up, turning the palm diagonally outwards to guard the temple. At the same time, form a loose fist with your right hand, palm facing downwards.

Sink all your weight back on to your left leg. As you transfer the weight back, the fist descends in front of your groin.

Step to shoulder width with your right foot. Your right arm pivots at the elbow and your left arm folds across so that the left hand faces the right inner elbow. All your weight remains on your left leg. You are nicely balanced as shown above.

Transfer your weight forward 70% into your right leg. Your left arm pushes forward, fingertips in line with your left shoulder and your right fist descends to your right hip, palm upwards.The left toes are at 45°.

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