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Colic is the term that is used to describe spasmodic bouts of cramping pain, building up in intensity until it finally reaches a peak, before abating and returning a short while later

The causes can range from an obstructing stone, for which professional medical treatment is required, Short blunt haircuts to intestinal gas. The latter is extremely common in babies, and it may strike adults as a result of high tension levels. Fortunately, you can easily aid the adult condition by having a short gentle massage that will also leave you feeling calm and gently relaxed. It only takes about ten minutes.

I Starting in the lower right-hand corner steadily and firmly press in using both your hands, but taking care not to cause any discomfort.

2 Slowly move the hands in a clockwise direction around the abdomen. Keep making continuous small circles to massage the colon. reducing anxiety One of the worst problems of anxiety is that it can end up causing headaches. To some people they are but a mild inconvenience, others might find that they slow them down, but in severe cases they can be totally debilitating. The sooner you act, especially if you tend to have major attacks, the more likely you are to be fine. One of the best remedies is a soothing head massage – it can work wonders in reducing the pain. HEADACHE EASERS

Tension headaches are quite a common feature in most people’s lives. In fact they are often completely unavoidable, caused by anything from long tedious slavish hours on a computer to bringing up unruly small children.

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