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Hair the skin on the body is generally not as sensitive or exposed as that of the face and neck, it too can benefit from some special forms of care and treatment. While frequent soap-and water-showers may be the preferred method of cleansing the body in our society, this is also one of the surest routes to dry, scaly, depleted skin. Like the face, the body generally responds well to a much gentler approach to cleansing. An effective way to improve the condition of your s&in overall is to try one of the body scrubs or packs offered in the first section of this chapter on a weekly basis for exfoliation and deep cleansing, with showers or baths in between only as needed for cleansing and/or therapeutic purposes. If you do feel the need to use soap or another cleanser, try limiting its use to select areas, such as your underarms and genital region, rather than your entire body.

Whether or not you change your basic approach to cleansing the body, Very short bob haircuts you can always take advantage of the emollient and therapeutic baths offered in the second section of this chapter. These baths draw on the cleansing properties of various minerals and foodstuffs and the therapeutic properties of different herbs and essential oils.

Body splashes, analogous to facial toners or astringents, though generally more diluted, are dealt with in the third section of this chapter. These can be used to gently tone the skin either after bathing or in between cleansings. They can also be used as mild deodorants and mild perfumes, and are especially refreshing when misted on with a spray bottle.

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