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Cleanse Tired Feet

To cleanse feet, get rid of foot odors and reinvigorate your muscles, add two to four drops of eucalyptus oil to your footbath or regular bath. The eucalyptus oil not only relaxes away muscle tension it also has antibacterial and antifungal properties to cleanse the skin and keep away colds and flus. Eucalyptus oil is very potent so be sure to use sparingly and dilute with water before it contacts the skin.

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Certain types of massage, like reflexology, enable you to remain fully clothed. Get the specifics for the services in which you are interested, from the staff assigned to answer your questions about them. If you don’t understand how a treatment will be delivered, talk with staff who can describe the procedure until you understand what is going to happen, so that you will not be unpleasantly surprised or stressed, and can enjoy the treatment. This aspect of a beauty spa visit is entirely up to you to control. You’ll need to evaluate the trade-offs between your level of modesty and the services you want, if they require you to undress. Again, be candid with the staff, and they should be able to guide you through some decision-making, particularly if it’s not clear to you both immediately that you can go ahead with a service without being concerned or uncomfortable. The matter of nudity is an area in which the location of the beauty spa you are attending could well influence attitudes you find at the beauty spa. For instance, most European beauty spas will generally reflect the attitudes of their regular clients. In many overseas locations, there is a more open attitude about nudity than you may find in the United States, although any generalization you make is likely to be of limited value. It is much better to ask and get a straightforward answer in advance.

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