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Maintain colour-treated hair by keeping it from undue exposure to sunlight and chlorine. Use a bathing cap when you swim, wear hats in very sunny or poor weather and use a good-quality shampoo, formulated to help resist colour fade.

So, as much as I hated it, it did give me the incentive to get Motivate Me turning over enough profit to employ me full time on a good salary. When I was young and pregnant with Gabe, I would bump into friends who were home during the university holidays, and I would feel really insecure around them I thought that they saw me as a failure. I always feared that leaving school early with no formal qualifications, and getting pregnant young, would limit what I could do in life.

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But I always had that drive to work hard, and, in the end, whether or not I had a university degree was irrelevant to my particular career path. And when it came to setting up my own business, it was all about drawing on my work experience. This is not to suggest that getting qualifications is a bad idea not at all but in my experience, my career path developed without formal teaching.

I really want all women to realise that dreams are not just for people who are richer, smarter, skinnier or more educated than them. I am a girl from small-town Taranaki, who grew up in a household that experienced relative comfort but also considerable financial strain, who left school without qualifications and had a baby in her teens, and I do what I love every day. I want other women to realise they can, too.

I dreamt my dream until the detail became so clear that I could see myself taking the actions required to make it happen.

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