Short brunette haircuts shoulder length

Your tarot card is ‘The High Priestess’, depicting a phase of new energy and ideas. Focus on looking cool and staying calm. This month, you will be drawn to white with tinges of lemon and baby pink. Try rose and peach fragrances and throw on a great pair of shoes to match your mood! As the heat gets to you, you try a shorter haircut. Experiment with purples and reds hues and even bangs. It will give you a chic and more defined look and you’re sure to get many admirers. Indulge in a hair spa and conditioning once a fortnight. Your love life will be interesting as long walks, picnics and barbeques are on the agenda. Tip of the month: Including lemon in your diet will make you glow. Short brunette haircuts shoulder length Your tarot card is ‘Strength’, depicting a time for transformation and transitions. You are in the mood to experiment. You try sports, yoga and breathing exercises to feel more energetic and youthful. Schedule an appointment for a trim, opt for relaxing and revitalising treatments and oil your hair once a week. You’ll be drawn to reds and maroons shades. You’re all set to look your best and your love life will be dreamy as you plan a winter break with family and loved ones. If single, someone you meet on your travels may be worth pursuing. Tip of the month: Sunblock is necessary to keep your skin hydrated and protected from damage.

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