Short Curly Little Girl Haircuts


Choose a style that falls above the shoulder line, and that has layers cut into it for extra volume. Always use volumizing shampoos and styling products. A little mousse can be used to pump up the layers, but be careful not to overload the hair with product.

I did not take it well. I will have you know, I said with indignation, that this music is the ancestor of your own ‘crap’ they call music these days.

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While they laughed, I had the unspoken pleasure (or perhaps it was spoken) of knowing that one day those two kids would have a similar conversation with their children. By the way, my daughter has always enjoyed show tunes. She knows a lot more about the work of Rogers and Hammerstein and Stephen Sondheim than I do about Lady Gaga and Jay-Z.

A chip off the old block, she is, and therefore my enlightened one. But she still sports a tattoo. It is in a fairly private location.

I have no idea what kind (of tattoo) it is. I do not know if she won’t show me what it is, because of where it is, or because of what it is.

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