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You can improve your general health and well-being, and your battery of defences, by understanding exactly what causes you stress, and by learning how to avoid it or even how to adapt to it. There are basically two key aspects to stress reduction: lifestyle modification and relaxation.

Lifestyle modification could mean changing your job and reassessing your goals in life, or simply adapting a more open attitude to what you are doing. Having a sense of control over events lessens their stressful impact. There is no point in trying to over-reach yourself. Ambition is good, but not when it leaves you constantly floundering with a marked sense of failure and desperation. Give yourself a chance.

Daily relaxation represents the most important element of maintaining health and vitality. Short cuts for thin fine hair Deep relaxation is not the same as sleep, and to gain full benefit from it, it is important not to fall asleep while you are relaxing. Giving or receiving a shiatsu treatment will relax your whole body and mind, and you will feel totally refreshed and energized afterwards.

The back-up treatment involves eating a well-balanced diet rich in fibres, grains and fresh vegetables. Cut down on sugar and salt as well as coffee, tea and carbonated soft drinks. Water and quality fruit juice are so much better for you. A certain amount of physical exercise is also necessary if you want to maintain your health and vitality. A pleasant brisk 20-minute walk in the fresh air every day will stimulate and balance the energy within. Never attempt any kind of exercise that is too difficult or demanding.

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