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My variation on an ancient toner formula and revived for contemporary times by Rosemary Gladstar. Short edgy curly hair cut This formula requires a 2-month period of steeping before it is ready, but once made will keep for many months outside refrigeration.

Approximately a total of 3 oz. equal approximately 5 oz. of raw apple cider quantities fresh lavender, chamo- vinegar, (enough to cover the herbs mile, comfrey, calendula, lemon in the jar and fill the jar to the top) balm, roses, sage and thyme about 5 oz. witch hazel extract (enough to fill an 8-oz. jar) about 100 drops lavender essential oil

Fill a jar with the just-mentioned garden-fresh herbs; if you do not have equal quantities of the herbs or are missing some of them fill the jar with the herbs that you do have. Pour apple cider vinegar over the herbs, covering them, cap with plastic lid and let steep 2 months. Pour the vinegar through a cloth-lined strainer placed over a bowl. Gather up the cloth ends and squeeze out as much liquid from the plant material as possible. To the strained vinegar add an equal amount of witch hazel. Add 10 drops lavender essential oil to every ounce of vinegar-witch hazel mixture. Makes about 11 oz., enough for many applications.

Shake bottle before use and apply to face with a cotton cloth. Or use as a splash, adding 1/2 teaspoon to a pint of cold water placed in a bowl and splashing face repeatedly, it’s refreshing. Or you can put the astringent diluted with equal parts water or more as needed in a pump spray bottle and spritz onto face. Variation follows:

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