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The Skeyndor Corrective range offers visible results in just a few applications through its breakthrough formula that is formulated with more than 25 ingredients and inspired by the world’s most prestigious therapies. It employs the use of modified hyaluronic acid that can expand up to 30 times its original size to fill out wrinkles in the outer layer of your skin, tissue redensifiers, and skin lifting peptides that smoothen deeper wrinkles, soften expression lines and stimulate the regeneration of tissues. As an active ingredient, it also contains synthetic viper venom that relaxes wrinkles. It has a soluble oil complex that plumps underlying fatty tissues and Lavandula stoechas extract to soften lines and wrinkle contours. Short feminine haircuts black hair Through a series of studies, it was determined that the range provides the following benefits: Anti-wrinkle efficiency noted in 90% of the volunteers. Reduction of between 33% and 52% in the total surface area of wrinkles. Reduction of between 31% and 45% in the number of wrinkles. Reduction of between 29% and 49% in the total length of the wrinkles. Reduction of between 28% and 43% in the depth of the wrinkles. Skeyndor Corrective is the first international treatment to include four muscle relaxing peptides with a complementary effect in its formula for the definitive correction of expression lines.

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