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Cottage cheese, cow’s milk, diluted yoghurt, ghee (clarified butter), Short girls haircuts round face goat’s milk, mild soft cheeses and unsalted butter may all be taken but with a reasonable degree of moderation.

Olive oil, sunflower oil, soya and walnut oil. As with all dairy products, these oils should be used in moderation.

Apple juice, apricot juice, cool dairy drinks, grape juice, mango juice, mixed vegetable juice, soya milk, vegetable bouillon, elderflower tea, jasmine tea, spearmint tea and strawberry tea.

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I was motivated solely to drop as much weight as possible and get that #fitspo six-pack. That aim fully consumed me; it was my priority and I didn not have much time for anything or anyone else. On reflection it was a very selfish and lonely journey to be on. The more I looked at myself in the ‘after’ photo with loving eyes and a positive mind, the more I fell in love with myself. I knew I was also giving out more love, putting myself in a beauty space to receive more love, and spending more time with my loved ones. My body just looked more loved. That post reached over a million people, was shared 2000 times (think of all the people positively affected!) and attracted only three negative comments. I battled with myself not to focus on those three; it is amazing how strong the mind is focus on negativity can be. No more. I lasted six months without alcohol, and then decided I wanted to have a glass of wine to celebrate at my sister-in-law Tania is fortieth birthday lunch on the Gold Coast.

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