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Natural Nit Hair Treatment Recipe

1.Add 20 – 30 ml of Neem oil to your shampoo

2.Leave in your hair for 10 minutes.

3.Rinse well and condition, before rinsing again.

Regular washing with Neem shampoo will help you get rid of nits for good.

Tip 46: Fine tooth combs for lice removal can damage your hair, therefore apply a generous amount of coconut oil to your hair to assist the comb in gliding through your hair and to suffocate nits.

Tip 47: Antifungal cremes that contain Miconazole Nitrate can reduce the growth of scalp fungus and improve circulation to the scalp. Applying these cremes to the roots of your hair 2-3times a week can improve the growth rate of your hair.

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Warning: Pregnant and Breastfeeding mothers should see their health provider before use.

Tip 48: Herbs can be taken orally or used as a rinse to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles. Finding the right herbal mix can effectively condition and strengthen your hair. You can boil them into a tea and infuse them into an after showering hair rinse. Otherwise use a little essential oil mixed with your favourite oil and massage into the scalp.

Tip 49: Horsetail can be brewed into a tea and taken internally or applied as an after shower hair

rinse. Its high silica content helps build protein, making hair stronger.

Tip 50: Traditional medicines have been used for hundreds of years to treat dandruff, increasing blood circulation, scalp cleansing and reducing inflammation. A combination of one or more Ayurvedic and Chinese Herbs may just be the missing link in helping you achieve longer healthier hair.

Tip 51: Scalp massages stimulate circulation to nourish hair follicles. After showering, massage the scalp vigorously with your favourite oil until it starts to feel warm or for at least 5minutes every day.

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