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There are of course various ways to solve hair problems, such as:

1. Wig / toupe

2. Hair-weaving (weaving in extra hair)

3. Hair transplant

4. Cosmetic hair treatment courses

5. Therapy

There are only a few products available worldwide which have been conclusively proven to combat hair loss. They are Aminexil, Alopesan 400, Maxilene, Minoxidil and Finasteride. It’s very important for you as a consumer to know this if you are thinking of taking steps to combat your hair loss. Rogaine is another one of the more popular brand names in the hair loss industry.

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That staff are completely aware of the need to be discrete and ensure your privacy, and will work hard to gear the administration of services to your comfort level, if you are candid with them about what your limits are. Nonetheless, beauty spas vary in their practices, and it is worth asking before booking about privacy issues. For instance, beauty spa locker rooms usually provide private changing areas for individual clients, but some do not. This is an item that you can check on during a preliminary visit, or by asking the staff helping you with advance information and making your plans to visit. The staff at the beauty spa are well aware that this may be a sensitive area of concern for some clients, and will do all they can to make you feel comfortable by adjusting their services to the level of privacy and modesty that you prefer. Water treatments are most often the services that require full undress, and a swimsuit is acceptable for many of those treatments. Where full immersion in water is not part of the treatment (such as a massage), you’ll be provided with a drape of some sort, and only the part of your body on which the therapist is working will be exposed. You can wear underwear if you wish. Some beauty spas actually request guests to wear disposable underwear, or swimsuits, depending on the service. For body treatments, however, it’s very likely you will have to be nude, in order for the treatment to be effective.

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