Short Hair Updos 

Haircare Guide For Best Short Hair Updos 

Other ingredients that can deplete the hair of moisture are sulfates and certain alcohols. Even though certain ingredients are known for drying the hair out, the best method for knowing what your hair needs (or doesn’t need) is to “listen” to your hair. If your hair is dry, dull, brittle, shedding or breaking, your hair might be telling you that the products you are using are not giving it what it needs or you may need to rewet your hair more regularly.

Check your ingredients list on your products. Other efficient moisturizing and conditioning agents are glycerol and panthenol as well as silk and wheat proteins. Thanks to their molecular structures, these active agents bind moisture inside the hair or coat each individual hair with a protective film. This keeps the hair smooth and seals the cuticles. The sealing effect allows the hair to better retain moisture.

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