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Magnesia phosphorica

Magnesia phosphorica is one of the 12 tissue salts, as well as being a proven remedy. It is well known that it works directly in helping to ease tension in the nerves as well as in the muscles. It can therefore be considered as a very effective painkiller.

Violent, cramping and spasmodic pains, often in the abdominal area. Short haircut bob layered Pains better for warmth, gentle massage and doubling up.

Can help with colic, period pains, sciatica, toothache and earache.



Phosphorus is an important constituent of the body, particularly of the bones. It can be useful in acute situations. These include digestive problems, with immediate vomiting once the food is warmed in the stomach, and constant diarrhoea. Phosphorus can also help aid minor haemorrhages (i.e. nosebleeds). It also relieves the spacey” feeling that lingers too long after an anaesthetic.

Suits people who are lively, open and friendly, but who are also occasionally nervous and anxious.

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