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This is a very simple form of meditation using a blackboard, real or imaginary. Short haircut for black girls It is a good “game” to use with children (or adults), giving them a taste of meditation, and they really enjoy it. It is described here as if you are leading a group, but it can be easily used on one person, and provides an excellent way to clear the mind through concentration, imagination and patterns: all wonderful ways of gaining a real experience of deep meditation. What you must do is this

Get the children to sit or lie comfortably. Once they have found a really comfortable position ask them to remember it.

With chalk on the blackboard, draw a diagram of numbers, making sure that there are no mathematical links, like this:

Give the children one minute to memorize this sequence.

Ask them to return to their relaxed position, eyes closed, and concentrate on the numbers alone.

Rub out the numbers, telling them to do the same in their minds. Do this slowly saying “That leaves just four numbers”, etc.

Then rub out the last number saying “Now concentrate on what is left” Let them remain in silence until you notice a restlessness – this is often three or more minutes.

Wake them gently with an instruction to “Sit up”. Ask them what the last number was and for their reactions.

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