Short Haircut For Oval Face Black Woman


Peroxide blonde and Cruella de Ville black are both very difficult shades to wear successfully as you get older. These extreme shades will draw attention to the face, and you will need superb make-up at all times to balance the effect of such dramatic hair.

Just get on with it! I knew I wanted to start an online membership-based business centred around makeup and fitness, but I wasn not completely sure who my clients would be. I looked to Facebook. The whole intention of setting up a Facebook page for Motivate Me was to grow a client base, as I hoped that those followers would eventually translate into paid members.

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Between July and September 2012, I used Facebook to build trust with my followers and let them get to know me and where I was at in life. I worked on building an online personal relationship (as contradictory as that may sound), one that would show them they could relate to me. I would drip-feed sneak peeks of what was to come from my new business venture and entice this amazing following to want to know more.

By the time I officially launched the business I had 5000 followers all New Zealand women trying to get through life and work and get makeupy, just like I was. Back when I started Motivate Me on Facebook, the algorithms were not as dominant, which made it a lot easier to get a message across without the powers that be working behind the scenes to manipulate users’ timelines. I ended up wishing I had set up an email database earlier, because as Facebook began using algorithms more and more, it became harder to connect with people.

Over three or four months I did a drive to get email addresses I used giveaways and competitions where people had to supply their email address to enter.

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