Short haircut styles for wavy hair

Note how the model’s back is correctly aligned, keeping to the head-neck-back principle. See how she is using her joints and allowing her widening arms to handle the dish.

How things can go wrong. Here the model has started pulling her head back. Also, Short haircut styles for wavy hair her back is rounded, her legs are braced and her arms have become much too tense.

In this highly incorrect stance, the man is collapsing from his waist down as he begins works in the garden. His shoulders are far too rounded, and his head is being pulled back.

In this correct procedure, the model is neatly poised and balanced, and she is well aligned to begin her ironing. Her hand, wrist and arm are also free as she holds the iron.The other crucial point to note is how she is widening across her upper arms. It is clear that she looks balanced and feels alert.

See how the model is using the whole of his back quite correctly. He is sensibly allowing his weight to come back on to his heels, and his knees go forwards and away over his feet.

An example of how not to do it. Here he is completely out of alignment You can sense it is not right, but why? He is actually pulling his head back, rounding the back, and holding in the arms.This position is entirely the result of bad habits. Without the Alexander technique, he would never know how to right this.

lunge monkey The lunge monkey is similar to the monkey because the knees go forwards and away, and the torso tilts slightly forwards from the hip joints. Also, one foot is placed behind the other, and the legs are placed hip-width apart, enabling you to balance the upper part of your body on to the forward or the back leg whenever the need arises. In this way, your weight is placed forwards or backwards according to your activity.

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