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Ayurveda is acknowledged as the traditional healing system of India. Thousands of years old, it has influenced many other healing systems around the world. In fact, it was already established before the births of Buddha and Christ, and some biblical stories clearly reflect the wisdom of the ancient Ayurvedic teachings.

There are many different branches to Ayurveda because it covers so many aspects of health and healing. Short haircuts black natural hair They have been touched upon in the following pages, but the main emphasis is on diet and lifestyle, specifically tailored to the modern life.

Ayurvedic medicine is founded on the belief that all diseases stem from the digestive system and are caused either by poor digestion of food, which is the body’s major source of nourishment, or by following an improper diet for your dosha (nature). Here you will find basic advice about suitable diets, as well as information about supportive treatments, including massage, exercise, colour; crystals, herbs and spices. There is also a list of common ailments that can be treated.

The following basic Ayurvedic approach will help you to develop some simple ways to keep yourself balanced in these days of increasing worry and stress. Identify your dosha, learn how to live in accordance with your own true nature, and discover how you can at last begin to heal your vikruti (current emotional, physical or mental health conditions) with the use of the best basic Ayurvedic methods what is ayurveda? It may be little known – and remarkably few people seem to have heard of it – but Ayurveda is a highly respected, highly revered ancient form of learning which has an amazing amount to teach us. It brings peace of body and mind, important ways of seeing the world and your own place in the scheme of things, and highly practical, sensible ideas when it comes to medicine, diet and ways of staying calm and relaxed.

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