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Spongia tosta

Spongia, as its name clearly indicates, is a remedy which is prepared from the lightly roasted skeleton part of the marine sponge. Short haircuts black women front and back It actually works very well on the respiratory tract, and it is now generally considered to be one of homeopathy’s major cough remedies. It is actually a significant and indeed important aid or remedy when it comes to treating croup in young children.

Dry spasmodic cough.

The cough sounds like a saw being pulled through wood.


Valeriana officinalis

Valerian is a well-known herb whose overuse in the 19th century caused insomnia and over-taxation of the nervous system to the point of hysteria. Because of the principle like cures like”, very tiny doses such as those used in homeopathy can cure these very same problems.Valerian is an important remedy for sleeplessness.Take one pill about one hour before bedtime. You should soon notice the improvement.

Especially useful when the mind feels like a hamster on a wheel.

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