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Homemade Herbal Deluxe Hair Pomade All/Dry/Light Hair

Use 1 oz. dried burdock root (cut),

1 oz. dried comfrey root (cut),

1 oz. dried nettle root (cut), 2 oz. freshly dried calendula blossoms, 1 oz. freshly dried chamomile flowers 15 oz. cold pressed olive oil 3 oz. coconut oil

3 oz. shea butter

2 oz. beeswax

3 oz. jojoba oil

1 oz. sesame oil

1/2 teaspoon rosemary essential oil 1/2 teaspoon lavender essential oil 50 drops lime or other citrus essential oil

Coarsely grind herbs and make herbal-infused oil with ground herbs and olive oil. Very short haircuts black women See Directions for Herbal-infused Oils with Dried Herbs. Combine 3 oz. of the strained herbal-infused oil with the rest of the ingredients (except the essential oils) in a heatproof measuring cup and place in a hot water bath over me-dium-high heat. Stir until the oils, butter and wax melt into a uniform liquid free of lumps. When it is completely melted pour liquid into a wide-mouth jar, add essential oils and cap immediately to prevent them from evaporating. When solidified it is ready fo* use. Makes 15 oz.

Note: You will have an extra 7 oz. of herbal-infused oil to use for another batch of pomade or to use directly on hair and scalp. It is better to make extra herbal-infused oil and have it on hand.

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