Short haircuts for emo girls

Luxurious Rinse Homemade

Dry, Damaged Hair and Irritated Scalp

1 tablespoon plantain leaf

16 oz. cold water

lA teaspoon jojoba oil

optional: 2 drops lavender essential oil

1 tablespoon comfrey root (cut or powdered)

1 tablespoon violet leaf 1 tablespoon marshmallow root (cut or powdered )

Make infusion with herbs and water, let steep overnight and strain. Short haircuts for emo girls Gently warm infusion if desired, then add essential oils and jojoba oil. Apply infusion to scalp and hair, making sure to massage it in thoroughly. When pouring rinse onto head, hold a bowl at the end of the hair strands to catch the liquid and reapply. Repeat this several times. Rinse out if desired. Makes enough for 1-2 treatments.

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