Short Haircuts For Black Hair

Use cold water for your final rinse as it closes the cuticles helping the hair to retain more water. Closing the cuticle also gives more shine to the hair.

Don’t leave hair in contact with water for longer than necessary. Hair that has excessive moisture is a rare problem but is also not good. The water causes hair to swell, opens the cuticle and will allow hair to stretch beyond its natural elasticity if it is combed or handled. This will result in damaged hair and is one reason why we should not comb hair while it is wet.

Short Haircuts For Black Hair Photo Gallery

Use your finger pads as much as possible; comb with your fingers throughout the washing process and aferwards.

Avoid any action that will rub the hair in a way that encourages it to knot. As much as possible handle hair with gentle motions that go from roots to tips of hair – the same direction the cuticle lies.

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