Short haircuts for men with oval faces

Sage Rosemary and Hair Thyme

Use the following freshly dried herbs: 32 oz. water

1 handful sage, 1/2 handful thyme, cotton cloth

1/2 handful rosemary

Make herbal infusion with herbs and water and let steep for 8 hours. Follow directions for Facial Hot Packs on 7. Short haircuts for men with oval faces Oily/Acne 32 oz. water cotton cloth or towel water and let steep for 4 hours. Follow direc-

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I decided to share a post on Facebook about my depression and told my followers I would be taking a break from social media. I was off it for around a week, which may not sound like a long time, but it is a lifetime when your business is run through Facebook. Jason and I took some time out in Australia, and while we were away, media picked up on my post. The response was overwhelming. When I returned to social media, I had messages from women, men and children all asking for advice that I didn not feel able to give. It was so heartbreaking to read these stories, but I couldn not possibly reply in depth to all of them, especially in my current mental state. All I could do was refer them to services such as Lifeline in the hope they would get the help they needed. With no early-morning exercise commitments or nine-to-five job that needed me, and kids who were old enough to get themselves off to school if Mum was ‘sick’ in bed and couldn not get up, I was having big nights out. I was cancelling meetings, staying in bed for much of the day. I just couldn not face the world.

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