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Place your right foot down and move all your weight on to it. Short haircuts for young women As your weight sinks into your right leg, your right hand descends to rest on a cushion of air by your right thigh. Your left arm and left leg simultaneously move up to form a mirror image of the previous posture.

Step out with your “empty” left foot diagonally to the left, and form a ward-off position with your left arm horizontally positioned across your body, opposite your chest.

Shift all your weight into your left leg, bringing your right arm up to cross in front of your left arm, with the wrists touching. Bring your right toe to your left heel.Turn your wrists, maintaining skin contact as you do so, so that your left arm now crosses your right.

Then turn your hands away from your body, and open them out in a fan-like action. Your eyes should be level with the tips of your fingers.

Turn your waist to the right and step to the right with your right leg. As you transfer weight into it, bring your left hand up outside the right so that the wrists meet. The left toes come up to meet the right heel.

Keep your left hand level with your left ear palm facing away. Open out your right hand to the corner below shoulder height, and simultaneously kick gently with your right leg, to knee height.

You should be so balanced that you do not fall over

Open out your hands, the right hand this time remaining level with the head and the left hand travelling to below shoulder height. The left foot follows, kicking gently to the corner

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